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April 2009

Gear gathering

It's funny how in order to pare down your life and belongings so that you can live out of a backpack for half a year, you first need to go out shopping and buy a whole whack of stuff to help you do it properly.

Chloe's most important piece of gear (after flip flops) is the backpack she chose for her birthday recently, the Osprey Jib. She also got a water bottle, pen knife (right up there with flip flops, in her view), whistle and flashlight.


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We've got tickets

We've got a big batch of e-tickets in our possession now, so this is becoming much more real. Here's the route: Ottawa to Chicago to Tokyo to Bali in 30 hours; after a month in Bali, a flight to Kuala Lumpur; after three weeks in peninsular Malaysia, a flight from Penang to Bangkok; after nearly two months of bumming around Thailand, we head overland to Cambodia and on to Saigon, then up towards Hanoi. Then we fly from Hanoi to Chennai, India via Kuala Lumpur, check out southern India with a focus on Kerala and Goa, and fly home from Mumbai, arriving by March 1.

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